Sorry it took me so long…


Over a year ago, my daughter Sarah bought her first home! Sarah works in Washington, DC, where she’s lived for several years—and being a rent-payer was a real problem for her practical outlook on financial management. That, plus the fact that she just wanted a ‘home’, not a temporary dwelling place, caused her to go house-hunting in the Spring of 2007. Within a few months she’d done her homework, knew how much she could afford, and found a condominium which met her requirements.

Of course, this was all done with frequent email consultations with me and other other friends: I looked at floor plans, photos, and closing statements and after the sale I reviewed countertop designs and lighting fixtures.

Then came her move, and the invitation for me to visit. The only problem, of course, was my bad leg and then the prolonged partnership with Quick Draw during my recovery from surgeries, infections, fractures, and such. So, I never got to see my daughter’s new home—not until now, when I can (slowly) climb the three flights of steps to this lovely place.

And it is lovely—it’s on the top floor, so it’s quiet. It’s spacious, uncluttered, and beautifully decorated.

I am only a year late getting here, but that makes the experience all the more welcoming. And the added delight: after I struggle up the stairs (all this effort is GOOD for me, I know it is!) I am greeted by one of my favorite pets, the Portuguese Water Dog Roger. Roger (Roger Maris) used to live at my house, and now he’s reappeared in my life remade as a successful and happy big city condo-dog.

He hasn’t forgotten who I am, however—no matter how long it took me to get here to see him.


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