Independence Day

In one of my favorite e-cards Sarah says “it’s time to put yer boots down and declare independence from whatever is holding you back.” Sarah, the cartoon Southern Belle, offers that advice on her Independence Day card—of course she is talking about her Great Grandaddy Detweiler, who raised hawgs until Sarah stomped her feet and said, “No more pork!”, and went out and opened her own feed and seed store.

But here I am, on the eve of my own Independence Day—walking now without a cane (some of the time), and driving my car. I had my last visit with Quick Draw this week (until May of 2009) and we shook hands and congratulated ourselves on jobs well done—at last. All the folks in the office were glad to see me out of the wheelchair and wearing something other than a sweat suit. After my parting from QD, I even walked around the very large grocery store, loaded about $85 of celebratory indulgences in the car, carried them in my house, and put everything away.

Monday I am taking the wheelchair back, and asking the medical supply place to come and get the hospital bed. I even drove up to the Leelanau County Democratic headquarters and got a couple of yard signs to plant out my my mailbox!

Quick Draw’s advice to me (well, he had several advices on some of his favorite topics—some of you will know what I mean) was to “Get over being a sick person.” He meant, go do stuff! Take my cane, or my walker if I have to, but go do stuff.

I think that’s what Sarah meant by declaring independence. I am no longer a passive sick person. I may limp a little, and I won’t jog the Tart Trail or step dance on the tabletops…but I have a lot of reasons to celebrate tomorrow, personal as well as patriotic.


2 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. I loved that Independence Day card, also. It is touching on so many levels. It was so go to see you enjoying the day and the music at the Lake Ann Homecoming. It has been a long time. In case you didn’t know, you had this grin on your face that was infectious. Keep spreading that. Hugs.

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