Last Night’s Fun

Last night felt like full circle..I went to my first Irish music session in nine months! Before the surgery, I was in such pain I couldn’t walk and sit very well….and then there was my ordeal for months and months It felt good to tuck my whistle in my pocketbook and head for the Loading Dock!

And the friendship and the music was wonderful. Lots of hugs and warm welcomes—including my buddy David the Bug Doctor (who also plays whistle)–he said he was glad to see me, and I said I was very glad for his success in making sure I was able to be there!

Of course, I am still a little gimpy, and climbing up on a stage isn’t my idea of fun. But it’s pub-dark in there and nobody could really see Gracie the Gimp climb up that big step….

So I have my music back. Life is very good.


2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Fun

  1. We are SO glad! See you at Evart we hope and at RV park west after that. Keep making the music. We have tales to tell, though not as amazing as yours!

    Chuck and Nan

  2. Judith,
    You went to the Loading Dock without us?!?!? We are so dissappointed!! You have to give us a call at Orchard Creek and let us know next time. We can’t wait to see you there!!

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