Home Again, Home Again

Yesterday was indeed a memorable Memorial Day—Jonathan picked me up at 10:30 AM and brought me 3 miles down the road to my very own house! It was, of course, a bitter-sweet departure—I loved being with Roseann, Barbara, and Helen, my table mates. It was almost like a ladies sleep-over, somehow: we all had become quite chummy and visited each other between meals, and introduced each other to our families. Sad to leave my new friends.

The other exciting event that filled my last few days almost to the point of compulsion, was that Roseann and I began watercolor painting together. Roseann is an excellent teacher, and I so enjoyed working with her. She would set up a palette of colors and show me how to use them—I would paint happily away, and bring her the results. She was always positive about what I was doing, and made some wonderful suggestions about techniques. When I left OC, I left some paintings for the staff, and made several others as gifts for people who had been so kind to me. The fish is one of the ones I like the most—

People brought me going away presents: Angela baked banana bread, Patty gave me generous hugs, and the daughter of one of the residents brought me a huge bouquet of lilacs, my favorite flower.

I go see Quick Draw tomorrow, which should be my last visit for a while. I would like to use a cane, and figure out when I can drive, at least short distances. My Pal Kal (a nurse at Munson who also does physical therapy) will be coming to my house twice a week, beginning tomorrow, and hopefully I can also arrange for some pool therapy at OC.

So yes, I have plans…and a lot of healing to do. But I am determined and well on the road to recovery. I am going to keep blogging, too—there are so many things I’ve learned from the last 8 months, and so many new experiences to share. I do hope you’ll check back, or sign up for the RSS feed for Gertie’s blog.

One last thing I wanted to mention: The Pie throwing contest! OC’s wonderful events person, my friend Kashia, organized a pie throw to raise money for Relay for Life, a cancer fundraiser. It was the STAFF who got pie-d, and as the picture shows, it was fun for all. That guy in the shower curtain with the cute legs is the Administrator, and he probably got the most splats of anybody. I don’t know how much money they raised, but it was fun for all.


5 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. Happy day! We’ll first get over there for Evart and trust that the Traverse City West RV park will be open by then. Heal well, and quickly!

    Chuck and Nan

  2. Sorry I didn’t get over to OC before you left, but I’ll be sure to give you a call to plan a visit at your house. I can imagine how happy Twister and the cat must be, but I’m sure it’s nowhere near the joy you’re feeling being home again. Congratulations!

  3. YAY! You’re HOME. Now then – NO WALTZING YOUR WAY INTO A BROKEN HIP!!! And I LIKE the fish – very nice.

  4. Good to learn you are home and process forward in the process of recovery toward all the liberating things you’ve had to temporarily rely on others for.

    Your water color is very good, J. I’m always drawn to water colors. My treasure is a print I own of Chas Murphy – Fireflies and Swallow (you know, one hangs in the Firefly at 310?)

    Will you continue your lessons with Roseann? You should.

    Hugz, sjb

  5. The fish is beautiful. It seems you will have something else to do while you are recovering. From here on out, each day should be better than the one before. Hugs and be well.

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