old woman that I am

I must

lower the foot of my bed,

swing my legs over the edge

and push my self up

on my elbows.

It is tough, this getting up,

and I am creaky from sleeping without moving

all night.

Sitting now, I await the pain

that is always there, for years gnawing

at my hip, my back like a hungry rat

feasting on my flesh and energy.

But today, May 19, is a surprise:

for the first time in recent memory

my companion doesn’t appear:

he has taken his sharp teeth and gone

somewhere else

for breakfast.


7 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. That is the BEST NEWS of all. . . NO PAIN!
    BTW. . .
    A perfect graphic. . .Love it! Google is INDEED your friend. . .

  2. Giving the beginnings of your awareness of recovery a poetic window is just an awewome treat! And your news is just the best, Judith.


  3. What refreshing news! You must have giggled just sitting there on the edge of the bed. I am so happy for you.

  4. That is absolutely wonderful news. I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well. It was about three weeks post-surgery (same as you) that my pain pretty much disappeared. After several years of bone-on-bone in the hip that was a good feeling.

    Healing from THR is a slow and steady long term deal. I just now passed the 7-month post-op milestone and my good news is that I seldom remember that I have a titanium hip. Most of the time now it feels completely natural and I forget that I ever had the hip replaced.

    Pre-surgery I had the unrealistic expectation of reaching my current status by four-months post-op. It didn’t actually happen of course, but now I understand that the recovery is just a longer term thing and I accept that. Now that you are on the path to recovery I am sure you will be at the point of forgetting you ever had THR in the not too distant future.

    Best wishes,

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