Technology Woes, Good Service from Verizon

No, my friends, I haven’t had another setback–but I can see why you think I might have had: I have such a bad rep when it comes to ‘smooth sailing’! My latest interruption was not physical but technological–my wireless modem died. I mean, really died! When it’s connecting, its little green light blinks fast and steadily. But on Friday it slowed down to a lethargic blink every five seconds or so. Then, like a EKG monitor, it evened out to a steady green, a flat line of dysfunction.

Of course I called Verizon. Verizon Vern and I spent a chummy hour on the phone, running diagnostics. Vern spoke American English, had my correct data on his computer screen, and knew the exact tests for me to run to determine the nature of the problem. At the end, he said, “Well, Judith, it’s definately the modem. And yours is under warranty. I will put a new one in the mail.”

“When, oh when, will it get here?

“Well, I can’t get in in the mail until Monday; I will FedEx it, and it should be there on Wednesday.”


Of course, what we both failed to think about was that FedEx would want a signature, a hard thing to come by at my house. So here it is, Thursday. I have almost a thousand emails waiting and I will get to then, a little bit at a time. But first–Ginnie, Ron, and the rest of you: I am ok! My modem is OK, too. And I am scheduled to go home on May 26!!!


3 thoughts on “Technology Woes, Good Service from Verizon

  1. You had to save the good news for the last sentence of the third post didn’t you ;-> ?

    That’s OK, it is good news indeed. Keep coloring and keep improving.

    Chuck and Nan

  2. Well, what a relief! I was afraid to inquire.
    A little “rewiring” and you’ll be good to go! Good news about the 26th.


  3. Judith,
    So happy to read of a “going home” date. The word “home” has never been dearer. Hope that includes your dogs very soon. I saw QD today and he said he has read this blog. I told him you’ve been masterful in your portrayal of him! I came home on May 1 but, noting your experiences, chose not to have my dogs join me until this weekend. Too easy to get knocked over when first walking somewhat shakily with a walker (now steadily with a cane). Just can’t wait any longer. Wishing you a joyous homecoming.

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