Extreme Uphill Sport

“Hey, Larry,” I call from my room to the tall guy striding past my open door. “Larry! It’s me, Judith! I’m baaaack…..”

“Oh, Judith! Welcome!” He stops and turns, white jacket and hairnet a blur of energy, ‘Orchard Creek Chef’ clearly emblazoned over his pocket.

“Not everybody will stop you at 6 AM to tell you about the great green beans yesterday—but they were a treasure.”

“Oh, the fresh ones with the butter and garlic salt?”

“Yep! Some people enjoy the swiss steak, but it’s the green beans that ring my chimes!”

Well, it IS the small things that please me, I guess. Fresh green beans. The chocolate-raspberry bar Ed brought yesterday. The raspberry milkshake from Lisa and the promise of opening week of Bardon’s Wonder Freeze. A fresh page in my new coloring book, “Decorative Tile Designs” (I list that item just so you know all my pleasures are not food-related….)

And yes, I am baaack at Orchard Creek, following surgery to (once again) try for a total hip replacement (THR, as we hip people say). Yes, it’s the same surgery I had on October 8 of 2007, and I vow to get it right this time! I will not do wheelies in my walker and break my leg. I will rest lots and keep up my strength and do physical therapy as prescribed. I will err on the side of caution when I make decisions. I will visualize a healthy, strong Gertie Cranker once again doing speaking engagements, leading strategic planning sessions, walking the Tarpum Bay beach, and playing music with friends. And no, these are not chocolate-induced fantasies….

Quick Draw did a magnificent job with the surgery, I think. One nurse told me that the surgery report was quite a melodrama to read, all that sawing and pounding. The surgery took QD a couple of hours longer than he had anticipated, but he seems satisfied that he’s met his surgical goals. Best yet, so far there’s no sign of infection of any kind (knock, knock). And the IV line is out after all those months, so Gertie can crank again!

Obviously, I am back at Orchard Creek. There’s a whole new crop of residents here—and a couple of returnees. I have my old room back, the one across from the dining room, so I can watch the pre and post mealtime wheel chair races, which sometimes make the Kentucky Derby look tame. All those seniors, hell-bent for jello, edging each other out at the dining hall doorway….. This bunch seems a little more street-savvy, too—they come down to meals early and help themselves to coffee before anyone can serve them.

So, I have a couple of weeks ahead of me here: I can get a jump on fitness and a good diet (yay! Fresh green beans!), and finish the mountain of insurance paperwork. Obviously, I am optimistic and energetic—and the sun is shining, too. It’s uphill from here.


8 thoughts on “Extreme Uphill Sport

  1. I have not checked your blog for a bit, bathroom remodeling and after many, many weeks, it is good to have some progress – got a tub and a toilet, still waiting for a sink and a mirror, but I am not complaining, the important fixtures are in place! Glad I checked the blog today, very happy that the surgery has been accomplished. Yippee!! It’s onward and upward on this final lap of the recovery race. I think that spring is a good time for the body to have surgery – a good time to really heal – awakening of all things, fresh-air, new life! Let me know when you would like a visitor (or two).

  2. OK! Onward and upward. (and crankward too!) Hope it all continues positive and that you avoid the wheelchair racers successfully.

    Chuck and Nan

  3. It is such good news to hear of the successful surgery. I see you are concerned about eating healthy. Does this mean the chocolate faerie cannot visit?

  4. I bought a tin whistle last week and am learning to play it. I think of our days together as Wild Mtn Thyme, our potluck practices that were yummy and nurturing in so many ways. I see you walking the beach on Eleuthra, climbing the steps in your new house there AND me visiting you! I send lots of love and blessings for a whole new YOU!!!!

  5. Judith!!
    (or Gertie, if that’s what you’d prefer)..

    Glad to see you are now on the road to recovery. Hopefully you’ll be in fine form by July so you can stop in and say “hi” to all of us at the Funfest. It wouldn’t be the same without the “Soap Queen” (with our without soap.)

    I don’t know if word has reached you about a I received a phone call Thursday. It was an older gentleman asking questions about Evart. I filled him in, encouraged him to attend, and gave him the whole spiel about how he could learn to come to the festival and receive most any instrument. I know I mentioned dobro, fiddle, and I might have even mentioned the hurdy gurdy. After going through my sales pitch, he quietly said, “I play hammered dulcimer.”

    “Great!” was my comment. “You’ll fit right in.”

    “I’m Paul Van Arsdale.”

    I went ballistic. I had just tried to convince Paul Van Arsdale to take dobro classes.

    We chatted for a total of about 20 minutes. (I have since learned that his wife passed away a short while ago and he’s apparently lonely.)

    Because he hasn’t found accommodations, he’s not certain he can make it, but Bob Hubbach is working with with him. Paul’s never attended.

    So… you just have to stop in. It may end up being historic!

    But back to your health… we’re all really pullin’ and prayin’ for you. Sounds like you’ve got it right this time. Hope those beach views are shortly on your horizon.

    Sharon & John

  6. Let the music play! I am so happy the last surgery is behind you. You will be walking on the island sand before you know it.

    Hip-Hip-Horray! pun intended 🙂

    May your healing be swift and complete!
    Think it, See it, Say it, Write it and Believe it as I will right along with you.

    Hugs, Joy and Happiness to you,

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