Gertie — with a little help from her friends!

Well, how are you feeling this morning?” asked Quick Draw, bouncing on his toes by the side of my bed (Did I mention that QD has some kind of metabolism that fills a room with energy, even at 6:30 AM?)

“Do you remember our conversation last night?” he continues.

“Not exactly,” I said. I had called his office the day before and ask for some kind of medication to relieve my anxiety (chamomile tea just wasn’t doing it.) I took one of those tiny little pills before bed, and Lisa had to wake me up to get me to the hospital. I took another one before leaving the house at 5:30 AM and I was really feeling no pain or anxiety all day yesterday!

“Tell me whatever you told me yesterday, because I don’t remember anything you said.” And so it went: some unexpected events with the replacement, but no sign of infection—which is what I feared the most. We’ll know the results of the blood cultures in a few days, but right now I feel much better than I have following each of the preceding surgeries, and I am much stronger and mobile, too—thanks to all the right diet and exercise I’ve been practicing.

So I think this is good! Thanks to all of you who have sent messages, and whom I know are with me in spirit. And thanks to Quick Draw and staff, the Bug Docs, and all the rest of you who have helped in so many ways…

I know it all isn’t over yet, but it sure is a time to pause and be grateful.


5 thoughts on “Gertie — with a little help from her friends!

  1. Hallelujah and Amen. It’s done. The rest can be taken a day at a time. I’m so relieved for you. Tried checking on you yesterday when I was up at Munson visiting with Frances R Baker, born 04/28/08. You were still in post op from what I can tell.

    I savored the last 2 chunks of my Godiva candy bar I’ve been hoarding to celebrate your successful surgery.

    xxoo sjb

  2. I was so happy to get the email that all had turned out well. I feel very positive about this time. I know many are sending all of their positive energies in your direction. Hugs, my friend. See you soon.

  3. Where did you find that cute picture of yourself??

    Glad things are proceeding well. Onward and upward!!

    Chuck and Nan Boody

  4. Go Gertie Cranker!! You are a trooper, and I’m so delighted to hear how you made your decision without looking back…and how things feel better this time around. Here’s to your newest hip, and may you be a’shakin’ it in no time!!


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