The Culmer House

Last year, as I mentioned earlier, a friend and I bought some property in the Bahamas, on an out-island named Eleuthera. I was so looking forward to spending much of my first retirement winter in Eleuthera, and of course, that didn’t come to pass. But my friend Lynn returned from there this week, and brought me photos of our project and the work that was done in the past six weeks or so. This is my dream: that later this year, I will be able to visit our house, The Culmer House, in the village of Tarpum Bay.

I’ll add a little to this blog later about the incredible history of this place, but I wanted to share the photos with you.

The dream is a reality!

The Culmer House

You are invited to view GertieCranker’s photo album: House Building in Eleuthera
House Building in Eleuthera
Eleuthera, Bahamas –
Apr 11, 2008
by GertieCranker
Lynn supervises the construction on Lynn and Judith’s Bahamas Retreat in the village of Tarpum Bay.
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One thought on “The Culmer House

  1. Thanks for sharing the work in progress album. I was smiling when I saw you had chosen the color pink. We’ve seen many homes in the Caribbean painted pink. It’s just the right touch. The views are killer.

    Looking forward to the entry from the other side of the “redo” for your pin mechanism and subsequent rehab.

    xxoo sjb

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