The Day After St. Patrick’s Day


I spent some time yesterday thinking about why I hate to play Irish music on St. Patrick’s Day. I remember the revelers who fell into the band, the thick blue cigar smoke, the press of people trying to get to the bar. This year, the Traverse City Celtic group did not play in public on St. Patrick’s Day, though some of the musicians split up into small groups and played in less populated restaurants and bars. Most, however, went to a private party and played music only for themselves.

Sounded like fun I thought, but of course I missed it all. I did celebrate by watching the wonderful musical/film “Once”, and wearing my shamrock socks. The biggest treat though was when OC Patty stopped by in costume, which was a project she had shared with me in the mornings when she would come in my room to make my bed and bring me coffee.

Patty went to a great deal of effort to put this costume together, to the delight of the OC residents—she went to each room and talked with the resident and gave them some chocolate coins– “end of the rainbow”, don’t you know. Her thought is to make everyone happy, make them laugh. It was too much fun to see her in the orange wig she made from fabric, and her sequined, pointy shoes.

Mostly what I am doing now is waiting at home. I saw Dr. Quick Draw last Friday and his word was a Bushy-sounding “Stay the Course!” Tomorrow I see Dr. Spiers, who will give the eventual go-ahead for the surgery. I don’t expect much tomorrow, and of course after that Quick Draw heads for a vacation in Mexico, so I imagine I will continue to wheel around my house, groaning when I have to stand up, and visiting the ladies at the infusion clinic every morning. I see no rainbows yet—but thanks to Patty I have some gold-wrapped chocolate coins!



2 thoughts on “The Day After St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I’m dying to see the movie, “once”. Happens one of my favorite song is from there. Falling slowly!
    I’m glad to hear you didn’t try to navigate the parties over the weekend. In the end it will all be worth it.

  2. First, I have to say, thank God for the Patty’s of the world and fad saol agat (a long life to you)!!

    Also, wanted to pipe in and say that I saw Once a couple months ago and thought it was WONDERFUL!!! The two lead actors are now married and the chemistry between them was quite apparent in the film.

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