Going Home






Well, we’ve done it!  OC staff was hard at work, trying to find a way for me to go home.  After much research they discovered that my secondary health care provider will provide coverage for my antibiotic, as long as I go to the hospital daily and get my medication at the infusion clinic there.


Now finding a daily chauffer isn’t easy, especially one with the strength to help me in and out of my house, but I’ll find someone within a few days—I know it!  So tomorrow I am going home to spend the next three weeks (or more), making a daily trek to town, but being in my house with my dog, Twister, and my  fluffy black cat. 


That will be wonderful! I will watch the snow melt, and feed the birds and read.  I am beginning to feel like a fifth wheel here at OC: I can do almost everything for myself except wrap the Saran wrap around my upper arm before I shower.  But I will also be able to play music again—at least the penny whistle– and that will be a welcome addition.


Of course I will be sad to leave here.  But Roseann has gone, and Ed.  Only Irene the Second will remain.

She’ll have some good new company: Arthur, a former college professor with a beard and a charming smile; and John, a retired judge and banker  who lived fairly near Irene.  John recently had a total hip replacement and his recovery is going like THRs are supposed to go: he’s off pain meds and feeling very, very good. He and Irene spend a lot of time remembering Benzie County—Irene even remembers how and where John wrecked his Harley, 30 years ago. 


Before she left, Roseann gave me a watercolor painting lesson.  She’s a great teacher, heaping lots of praise on my efforts and only gently suggesting some modifications to my technique (“You know, dear, if you put the light colors down first, you will have more control over the darker ones.”)  I managed to produce a vase of zinnias in shades of rose and purple: everyone is highly complimentary, and I am hooked!  There is life after computers!


John remarked at lunch today that he was a little leery of coming to ‘a place like this’, but in two days he has come to find it quite enjoyable, and he’s happy to be here.  I suggest that one of the reasons I started a blog was to create a more fair understanding of what facilities like this one are, and also to explore my own feelings about healthy recovery and survival.


I will miss OC.  Patty just stopped by to say goodbye, and we both cried a little.  But one of the reasons I am leaving now is so I will have enough Medicare days left that I can spend a couple of weeks here after my next surgery.  Orchard Creek is indeed a healthy, healing place.



5 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Judith we will miss you sooooooo much. May I suggest that you consider coming back when all the healing is done (not just for your next recovery) and play some music for all of us. I think something we are lacking in is the amount of music we incorporate into our days at OC. I sure will miss you, BUT I know Twister will be glad to see you.
    See you again soon.
    Nicole Moore, RN

  2. I wondered why your room was empty! I’m so glad for you! I hope you fully recover, and FAST! Just to let you know that Bob is going home on Thursday, also, so things will be a little quieter down at the ole’ O.C. We are hoping that he will be able to return to the assisted living situation that he was in before he fell and broke his hip. Please keep him in your prayers.

    It’s been a pleasure reading your blog. Keep up your good spirits!

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