Valentine’s Day at Orchard Creek


From the very first 5 AM wakeup call, we knew it was a special day. I have made the morning staff well aware of my love of a cup of coffee first thing, so my entry into today was greatly enhanced by a steaming cup of the wonderful stuff.

It was lunch time when we really felt special: at the end of lunch Patty , the facility administrator, and the Orchard Creek owner/developer came to our dining hall. In the first photo, the two men in tuxes are Dale and Rick, and they were carrying with them armloads of long stemmed red roses. They went around the dining hall, giving each resident a rose and a personal greeting, remembering our names! How could we not be delighted?

Patty, now, was another matter—you have met her earlier in my blog and seen her picture. Today, she made herself a cupid for this event. She wore blinking earrings and wings, and carried a bow and some arrows in her quiver. Later she came to my room, shot me with a stuffed fabric arrow that said “Only You” and presented me with a bag of candy and a valentine.


Patty, as you have guessed, loves holidays and she’s determined to make even the grumpiest of us enjoy them too. Everything she wore was handmade and clever, and—she made this visit on her day off!

Paul (Lynn’s S.O.) brought me a balloon bouquet, so now my room is filled with helium balloons, flowers, palm trees and parrots. My son’s wife, Lisa the Supernurse, brought me divine chocolates from the new chocolate shop in Traverse City, and my daughter sent me a large bouquet of sugar cookies on stems . And of course, scattered everywhere are cards and other gifts gifts from my friends. Nothing serious about where I am living here at Orchard Creek! My room is filled with color and glitter and good books waiting to be read.

I am preparing to go to bed now: I will leave a light on so I can be comforted by these treasures. I will read a good book and not think about my health or my finances. As Oscar Wilde said: “One should sympathize with the joy, the beauty, the color of life-the less said about life’s sores the better.”


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day at Orchard Creek

  1. If I should ever require assisted living, I know where I want to go. My friend, you are in good hands. I have seen your room, it is definitely a tropical jungle. Hugs.

  2. Thanks for sharing, especially the photographs. Life is what we make it, eh?

    Happy day-after-Valentine’s Day. And wishing you a weekend of healing.
    with hope, Wendy

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