Three AM


The Hospital Night People

scurry past my door with short quick steps,

commas of shushed sound,

Important, hurrying.

More than daytime folks

These are the regal ones,

Solid blue, their colors mime the day–

They do not need Mickey and Cinderella and fields of bright flowers

On night missions.

Three AM is a colorless world, a soft gray hallway:

Night people rushing through shadows along the walls,

As if the center will reveal too much

And we will know

That they have names and faces.

In the morning light

They are as sharp-shaped as the rest of us.


7 thoughts on “Three AM

  1. I can hear it and see it so perfectly in my memory.
    Stealing into your room, while you are in and out of sleep, softly telling you they just need to check your vitals. . .cool hands touching your arms as they check your blood pressure and making sure everything is as it should be. . .

  2. Hi Judith,
    I’m just finishing up a night shift here at the hospital in Frankfort. Glad I had time to read your blog (thanks Gwyn for the link!)
    I like your writings and it’s good to hear from you, albeit via computer.
    Best wishes, good thoughts to you!

  3. Judith,
    The ordeal has begun…but you’ve faced tough challenges before and overcome…this will be no different…you have a lot of people depending on you to get better as soon as possible.
    Keep on blogging!!


  4. Your back up team is growing. We’re on the sidelines cheering you on. This may be a long, slow crawl through a 3 AM colorless world, but you’re going to make it. Go, Gertie, Go!

  5. Hi Judith –
    Wishing you Wellness in the Months to come. Hang in there – better days ahead. We are Pullin’ for you Carol and Grump

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