Snarling in Traverse City


Being de-hipped ain’t a lot of fun, let me tell you….it HURTS!

However the only person more persistent than I am is the Munson Physical Therapist. Well, any physical therapist, I’ve come to believe–but these hospital therapists are in a class by themselves. They smile, they are warm and empathetic, and they have hearts of stone.

PT: Hi, Judy (nobody else calls me that except very old friends).

Me: (turning my head to see who’s coming in the room) and gasping (that’s pain, not pleasure). Mrmphf! Ouch!

PT: Physical Therapy here, just checking in! How are we doing today?

Me: Gasp.

PT: Was surgery yesterday? What did they do?
Me: Yes–removed the hip prosthesis. Ouch.

PT: Bummer! Not fun for you! Can you sit up?

Me: I don’t know. I haven’t tried…it hurts when I move.

PT: Well, that’s what we need to try. See what we need to practice here! Then we need to see what walking we need to do! What’s your weight-bearing status?

Me: Toe touch only on the right leg.

PT: That will be a challenge! You’ll have to learn that lesson REAL good, if that’s all you will be able to do over the next 6-12 weeks (notice how her personal pronoun suddenly changed….)

Now you know what my life will entail for 12 or so weeks. Then there will be the replacement of the prosthesis and we will begin all over again. Maybe along with the walking-without-weight bearing, these lovely ladies can teach me the persistence and courage they exhibit as they walk into the den of the snarling lion.


One thought on “Snarling in Traverse City

  1. No Irish step dancing for a while…. I think you’ve earned the “snarling lion” card, so play it whenever you darn well feel like it! When we get back we’ll come and visit your den.

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