Booooring Blog!

Let’s see….how did I start this blog the last time? Or the time before that? Maybe it was something like, “Guess where I am again?” Maybe it was — well, never mind being cute. I am here in Munson Medical Center yet another time, about 3 hours after yet another surgery. Pippi Longstocking, my beautiful home healthcare nurse, did not like the looks of my surgical site on Monday, and call the surgeon for an appointment. Within an hour, Lynn and Paul had picked me up and gotten me to Quick Draw’s office and then, as they say, it was all downhill from there from there.

Seems as how the strep infection raised its ugly head, and after a few blood tests I found myself back with my Munson staff friends on the Fourth Floor. Today was spent sans food and drink, wondering when surgery was going to be–and it finally occurred at 6 PM. I am not sure what the results were, and the findings of the surgeon–I’ll know more about that tomorrow. But I just wanted to keep you all up to date! I am feeling ok (well, let’s face it, I am on some pretty fancy drugs…) but there will be some more chapters in the story of the life of Gertie Cranker. Stay tuned….


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