Back to the drawing board…

Well, the next blog was actually written two days ag0, and I saved it and forgot to post it.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, today I found out that I go back to surgery tomorrow, and it’s ‘fish or cut bait’ time.  Dr. McGraw says there are two options involved in ForCB: both involve removing a greater part of the prosthesis.  One would then be to sterilize it and put it back, the other would be to put in a space holder for six weeks and treat the MRSA; then start over.  Both doctors seem to favor the most thorough one (which is why they are good doctors).

The surgery is planned for late tomorrow, and after that I can tell you more about how the recovery will go.  It’s pretty apparent that my speaking and travel will be on hold for several months, as will my trip to Eleuthera.  But there’s still plenty left to choose from in my life, and once I get over this initial shock, building a new life can begin. Probably won’t look like the old life I so confidently planned, but we’ll see what scraps there are to put in the quilt basket.

And lest you think I am little Miss Happiness, I am not.   I am sad and depressed, and just barely hanging on.  But then I look over at the beautiful display of lillies and white roses that Dale and the NAR senior staff sent today,  and all the calls I received, and there is, truly, a lovely lining to this cloud.


2 thoughts on “Back to the drawing board…

  1. I was with Cindy Butts and Bill Martin in Washington for the RPAC meeting early this week. We are all devastated to hear of the infection returning and send you lots of love and concern.


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