Sherry is good for you!

Not a half hour after I posted my slightly whiney first post, I received an email which made me laugh out loud!  I won’t tell you what her name is, because she’s quite reticent–but if you think about it, I am sure you can guess.  Anyway, in her letter she says: “Enough of me.  I live with people who are depressed and always see that the glass is half empty and there is nothing left to do.  Well dear, you have to look at the bright side.  You have company for Christmas, lots of it, you will have your own chef, your own personal maid, your own concierge service, I guess.  Hmmm…you have a laundry service, in fact, it would seem as though you may be treated like royalty, hoping not to be confused with a royal pain.  You have infectious disease specialists at your beck and call (any of them playing in your band?).  All that, AND a fat red leg, how jolly, how apropos, just perfect for Christmas!  “


3 thoughts on “Sherry is good for you!

  1. How nice of you to spend Christmas at Munson. The “house” usually empties out and staff will be glad to have someone to fuss with. Spreading cheer may be your new calling but I hope this doesn’t become a habit. Anyway it gives me an excuse to visit Phil Murray’s new chocolate shop so I’ll be over sometime tomorrow. Cheers!

  2. The TC Celtic Christmas party was a bit dull without Gertie Cranker. We did a video greeting for you and will get it to you on DVD very soon.

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