Round Three

This is not a particularly happy entry.  I’m writing it just a week after I was ‘sprung’ from Orchard Creek,  and five days after I was readmitted to Munson Medical Center with a high fever and a raging infection.  After the initial few days and a couple of surgeries, I find I am once again on the way to recovery….this time from a strep B infection which is lodged firmly in my right leg and hip.  I am on a huge megadose of penicillin and will be through the end of January.    Then I think I will be getting oral penicillin for who-knows-how-long.

My Christmas will be spent here in the hospital, which is just fine with me…our festive family activity on December 26 will be to take the IV therapy training in the early afternoon, and then enjoy a dinner by Chef Jon followed by opening whatever packages we have been able to keep our rapacious fingers off of….

I think my personal goal is just to gain strength to survive this nasty attack and to begin to live my life again.  I do feel fortunate that I have wonderful family and friends who are sending me cards and gifts and other kinds of support–without which I would find this recent setback most difficult.  Thank you all.  I will keep in touch…..


One thought on “Round Three

  1. I can’t believe it Judith – I wanted to read how you’re eating your Barbie Island Princess cereal somewhere in the sun. The return to the road to recovery is good news, but sheesh, I think you’ve done your time with this one … XO – C.

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