Visiting Dr. McGraw

Today was V-Day in my vocabulary! This was the one-month checkup following surgery, and I was anxious. I couldn’t sleep last night (and no tv-addicted neighbor to blame, either). But you may remember that this is the SECOND one-month check-up I’ve had. The first one went something like this:

PA Amy: So, Judith, tell me about the ‘little fall’ you took two weeks ago.

Judith: Well, it was an accident. My walker caught on something on the floor and the walker stopped and I didn’t.

PA Amy: Did you fall all the way down to the floor?

J: Oh no. I caught myself, you know how you do? Grabbed on to the walker and went through some gyrations, but I didn’t fall down.

PA Amy: Did it hurt?

J: Oh YEAH! Hurt like $%^&*(O(*&!!!

PA Amy: Well, I am sure it did. Because you broke your femur.

Then there was the “We’ll have to fix this” dialogue, and the “How soon can we get Quick Draw McGraw back to Traverse City?” and so on. And then we redo the whole surgery and I start all over. Hence my stay at Orchard Creek, and my nervousness at reliving the one month checkup….

But no, Dr. Q.D. McGraw and PA Amy pronounced me healing nicely and everyone smiled a lot, including me. Because what that meant was: I GET TO TAKE THE D*MNED SUPPORT HOSE OFF FOR GOOD! No more itchy legs. No skin so dry it crinkles when I walk. And Patty, you don’t have to come down the road to my house to put the ugly things on me, like you promised you would.

It also means I can put more weight on my operated leg, use a cane around the house, and take fewer of the brain flotation pain meds. It means I can go to Eleuthera in February ( and following posts), and that by Christmas I will be dancing….. Here’s the greeting:

You’ll notice how joyously and how well I am dancing. May these holidays be as joyous as I am!


2 thoughts on “Visiting Dr. McGraw

  1. Congratulations on the follow up appt and your new (refound) independence.

    Just wanted to let you know you have made an impression and have given me things to think about in my day to day job. I step back to listen to the conversations and comments made by the CNA’s as well as myself as a nurse. Appropriateness will always be in the back of my mind when/where conversations occur. I am more conscious of “quiet” times and our laughter as well as working in their ever famous loud bathrooms. Thank you for the insight.

    You will always be in my thoughts and I will work on remembering where I am when talking about general conversation.

    P.S. Glad you have progressed past the needing of the pain meds. Definitely on the recovery.

  2. Don’t ever, EVER give up the laughter. It’s what I miss listening to when I wake up in the middle of the night (and I do that, no matter where I am). But how many people in this world wake up at 2 AM and hear happy laughter? That is a gift from Orchard Creek to me, and I miss the sound….

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