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I’ve divided my life into Orchard Creek (OC) and After Orchard Creek (AOC). I started this blog with the express purpose of presenting to my friends a glimpse of what life is like in a “nursing home”, to individualize and personalize the experience, and to regularly let them know how I was coming along.

And so I have ‘come along’ – home. Friday was moving day, but for 24 hours prior, the staff individually came to see me and wish me well. They thanked ME for being there, for being such a ‘good patient’. Doesn’t there seem to be something wrong with this picture? I should be thanking THEM.

My house welcomes me…hospital bed in the living room, cat, dogs, blooming orchid plant, snowy deck. I will be living in the living room now, as this is the ‘fourth season’ for my three season room, where I recovered for the first four weeks. Now it’s really cold out there, and Lisa and Jonathan have thoughtfully rearranged all the furniture so that I can be in this wonderful room with skylights and a glass wall overlooking the yard. They’ve done the grocery shopping, too…so there’s kefir and cottage cheese and all the things I’ve been missing for the last several weeks.

Today was even more welcoming: Lynn and Paul brought Irene Brown/Jack Hood and Grant and Paulette Parsons over for snacks and libations and to decorate my house for Christmas. It was great to party—who wouldn’t think so when all I had to do was sit in a chair and supervise and laugh and tell jokes with everyone else? Of course, it’s a little more difficult than it might seem, to have people asking you about your kitchen (that you haven’t been in for 6 weeks).

“Where’s the garbage bags?”

“ummmm, I don’t know.”

“Do you have a ladle for this spaghetti sauce?”

“Gee, I used to have. It’s yellow. I am sure it’s in there somewhere.”

“Got any garlic salt? Ice cubes? Smaller glasses? A corkscrew?….”

But I think everyone had fun—I know I did. And what a great thing it is to have friends who will do these things for you. I will enjoy my holiday house for the next three weeks!

Today, Bobbie is bringing dinner. And tomorrow the physical therapist shows up….life is getting back in rhythm, and I will miss the long, quiet days of Orchard Creek. I am considering whether this blog is done and should be abandoned…or whether there’s more to say. Guess I will play it by ear….



3 thoughts on “Weblog After Orchard Creek

  1. Have a wonderful Holiday Judith!

    Reading your blog has been an enjoyable eye-opening experience. If it counts, I vote you keep it going during the remainder of your recovery…

  2. May I suggest the blog is not only about recovery, but an affirmation of life. I will bet you will find a way to be on the internet when you are in Eluthra.

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