The Pistachio Pudding War


Well, as wars go, it was pretty short—mostly because we had limited resources and knew when to quit (unlike some politicians I could name…)

But there we were eating lunch yesterday, content with chili and something else—I forget what—when one aide (who shall remain nameless but she wears funny hats) said, “No dessert today for lunch. They’ve decided to eliminate dessert at lunch time.”

Well now, really! A bunch of Seniors who’ve just finished bowls of chili are dangerous —jet-propelled, in fact. And we cherish our sugar highs—need ‘em to get back down the hall to our rooms. So don’t tell US that there’s no dessert for lunch anymore. I mean, dessert is the highlight of our entire day. We don’t even care what it is—pie, hard brownies, cookies, red jello—just give it to us! Don’t you dare withdraw the Dessert Promise—it’s our Senior Citizen Right!

So it didn’t take much—a few whispers of encouragement by the little elves who were serving us (Nameless and her sister Anonymous) and the room was filled with some erratic taps of silverware against plastic water glass and a couple of croaked “We Want Dessert”. Lasted all of 30 seconds, because that’s all the ammunition (and energy) we had. Then the tapping died out, and some of us began to wend our dejected way down the hall. I discovered the Sprit of Christmas had left a biscotti in the stocking on my door, and that satisfied my need for a sugar infusion.

But I heard later that those who remained got ice cream with ‘crunchy stuff’ mixed in, and a couple of cookies. Surrender was the order of the day, I guess, and those of us who left early missed the sweet taste of victory.

Off course, the moment of truth came today, our next lunch with split pea soup and scalloped potatoes….and (taDA!!) pistachio pudding. I asked the dietetic assistant what the background was: how real was the threat to our mid-day dessert?

“Nobody was going to take dessert away. It was just an ugly rumor,” she said.

Well, wars have been fought because of ugly rumors. Another lesson learned here is: No matter what your comfort level, sometimes you just have to take life into your own hands.

Chocolate message for today (which isn’t relevant but I like it anyway): “Always give from the heart”.


2 thoughts on “The Pistachio Pudding War

  1. And by the way, my cousin is recovering from four dreadful rounds of chemo and really needs good belly laughs. Thanks, Gertie!

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