Snowy Sunday in Orchard Creek


I spent last night listening to the sound of freezing rain against the windows, rain that fell on top of 8 inches of new snow and already-icy roads. Korin makes it in for her night shift all the way from Empire, and Patty gets here this morning coming from equally as far in the other direction—Rapid City. All tell horror stories about stranded cars and ditches and clogged driveways. Me, I am glad to be here inside with only very small and insignificant worries, like is there whole wheat toast this morning instead of gluey white bread?

My optimism is a little dimmed when I see that Tonya the Terrific Therapist has made it to work: she really knows how to extract maximum performance from my muscles (read “OUCH”!), but I keep telling myself that that is why I am here….so today I will get my strength training in my legs, and hopefully complete a whole list of work projects.

Usually Sundays here are noisy and busy—it’s when everyone comes to visit, including kids, grandkids, and pets. I end up shutting my door to keep the uproar at a minimum, and maybe facilitate a nap. Today will probably be quieter, I would guess, though I see a lot of traffic out there on Cherry Bend Road, which means that the snowplows have done their thing and we will be good until about 2 PM, when a freezing rain is predicted to occur.


One thought on “Snowy Sunday in Orchard Creek

  1. I think that I might have like to trade places with Gertiecranker last evening. After listening to the freezing rain fall on the roof of my Subaru as I slipped and slid along M72 on my way to TC last night, I really think it would have sounded much better hitting the windows of my room.

    But, if I were in Gertie’s bed last night, I’d have also been there when Tonya the Terrific Therapist came to encourage me to MOVE my muscles. From experience, I know how fast muscles decide that they just don’t remember how to move after having been still for only a few days after an accident. Trying to wake them up, working to make them strong enough to carry me where I want/need to go is really hard work! It’s kind of like the muscle conveniently ‘forgets’ how to move and the re-learning process is just plain no fun!

    At any rate, keeping track of what Gertie is up to (or trying to get up to) has been great. When she’s ready to bust out of her retreat on Cherry Bend Rd., perhaps a movie at the State would be a nice outing.

    See you soon – Kitty

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