Start your day: an interactive exercise

Ok, imagine it’s 6 AM, and you have turned on your call light so you can request a pain pill. The door opens and….

santa hat

Now here’s the interactive part for you: Put Patty (see previous post) in this hat.  Then,  imagine the lights blinking. Then imagine that the hat is viagra-infused and stands straight up, flops back down, and stands straight up again.  The lights are still blinking.  Suddenly, music fills the air: “Have a very Merry Christmas!” the digital voice sings.  Blink blink. Erection. Blink blink. Erection.  Blink blink.

This could be a long day.


One thought on “Start your day: an interactive exercise

  1. I am just thinking of the weirdos that have subscribed to Google Alert with some of the key words used in this post. You will be attracting some interesting folks to your blog, my friend. Can you install a hit counter?

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